Detail of "The Charge of the Red Lancers on Mercers Troop of RHA" by Chris Collingwood

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

French Porte-Fanions.... a little help here.

Next up for my French is another line battalion, I've started with the figures left over from my first Victrix box and I'm going to add to that greatcoated figures from the Perry plastic box with bicorne head swaps.

The very first figure is a Grenadier sergeant carrying a porte-fanion.

This is where the 'trouble' starts, I am struggling to find decent info about French Porte-Fanions. Google (that old friend) brings up a few pages but they contradict each other as to the colour and any wording of the porte-fanion.

I appeal to any blog-readers out there to send links or help with porte-fanions.

French Line finished except for bases.

This unit seems to have taken ages because I've been doing it around other things. It is a small (24 man) line battalion in bicornes made up of straight out of the box Victrix figures.

I've gone for a march-attack pose for the unit as that screams to me "FRENCH".

The figures are good, the painting so-so but I'll hope to pull the unit together with the basing.

THey carry the colours of the 70th Line (1st Regt) but I think from my next unit I'll use generic colours.

So nearly finished.......

First apologies.

It's been a couple of months since I posted on this blog as I've been busy getting some second World War forces up to date for a big multiplayer game in June. I also must apologise for the quality of pics my 10 year old digital really is starting to show it's age and the digital rather than optical zoom is, in a word, crap.

Monday, 15 March 2010

French Line Infantry Colours

The above figures are my officer and colours for my first French Line Infantry battalion for my Peninsular War project. I don't have a particular French Division in mind so I am making them as generic as possible, although the colours are 1804 pattern and for the 1st Bat 70th Line Regt.

Due to the fact that my figures may be used in games representing battles from 1804 until the end of the Peninsular War I have chosen to compromise. I will build 6 company battalions as used in the later French organisation but I will use bicorned troops and stick with Red pom-poms instead of company specific colours.

The figures are Victrix plastics and I am finding it quite an enjoyable exercise painting them, especially considering I only started them as opposition to my British.

Voltigeurs too...

This is half of my Voltigeur company from the battalion, again figures are Victrix.

French Update

Above are the Grenadier company of my first French line battalion. They are Victrix figures and I found them quite easy to paint to a standard I am happy to use on the table.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

First of the French

It had to happen, having finished my first British Brigade I decided to start on the French. I wanted to check out the plastics available and as my French will have to do duty from Egypt to the Peninsula I decided to go for the Victrix French Infantry 1804 - 1807.

I'm having to 'fudge'.

I'm using the 1804 - 1807 figures in Bicorne but I'm doing them in the later 6 company French Battalions but without the company designation pom-poms. I've decided on 24 man Battalions with duplicate Voltigeurs in close order and skirmishing.

Anyway, above is the first of my test figures, a Voltigeur based skirmishing.

Despite the poor photography (a combination of no talent and a crap old camera) I hope you can see the cowskin pack as I think it came out well.