Detail of "The Charge of the Red Lancers on Mercers Troop of RHA" by Chris Collingwood

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

First of the French

It had to happen, having finished my first British Brigade I decided to start on the French. I wanted to check out the plastics available and as my French will have to do duty from Egypt to the Peninsula I decided to go for the Victrix French Infantry 1804 - 1807.

I'm having to 'fudge'.

I'm using the 1804 - 1807 figures in Bicorne but I'm doing them in the later 6 company French Battalions but without the company designation pom-poms. I've decided on 24 man Battalions with duplicate Voltigeurs in close order and skirmishing.

Anyway, above is the first of my test figures, a Voltigeur based skirmishing.

Despite the poor photography (a combination of no talent and a crap old camera) I hope you can see the cowskin pack as I think it came out well.

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  1. Very nice. I suppose you can mix heads etc as the bicorne was worn a lot longer than people think. There were still some worn by the 3rd and 4th Guards at Waterloo so I believe.

    If you get the time come over to RTB at large!