Detail of "The Charge of the Red Lancers on Mercers Troop of RHA" by Chris Collingwood

Monday, 22 February 2010

More line infantry

This is the 'core' of the 2nd battalion from the first Brigade I chose to make up for General De Brigade....they represent the 53rd Shropshire Regiment and I have chosen to represent them as a 24 figure under strength unit.

I will post a better picture of the full unit when I get chance. The final unit includes their light company in skirmish formation.

The figures are mostly Perry plastics with a metal Victrix Colonel and plastic Victrix officer.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

"Top of the morning"

Although I have only (so far) completed one Brigade, I couldn't resist making up a vignette to represent my General De Division. I felt the need for change after all the line infantry I'd done and this is the result.

The Mounted officer is a metal Perry figure, the foot officer is a converted Perry plastic and the seated private is a converted plastic from Victrix.

General De Brigade

This is my first General De Brigade, a really nice figure from the Victrix metal range. I really enjoyed painting him and can't wait to finally get him on the table.

95th On the hunt

These are the light infantry element of the Brigade I'm starting with and represent soldiers of the 95th rifles.

Again these are Perry plastic figures and paint up well, even for a man of my modest painting skills.

Now that I have a Brigade finished I think I'll start hacking a few of the plastic figures around to see what I can come up with.......keep watching for the results.

Casualties Mount

I really like these figures from Essex Miniatures. As my figures are multi-based I thought I'd do this as a casualty marker for my 11th North Devons.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

British Line Infantry

First Battalion for General De Brigade complete.

These are Perry plastic figures, with a Victrix metal sapper figure included and represent the 1st Bat. 11th North Devon during the early stages of the Peninsular war.

Where to begin.....

This is a blog about my Peninsular War project in 28mm.